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Designing for the Future of Cooking: Reflection on Two Years of Growth

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

At Futuristic Labs, #WeAreTheProduct. Our people are passionate about using their expertise to change the world. Each interaction and every feedback from our teammates contribute to our ongoing development. We asked our teammates to share their experiences and what we can improve next at the company. Today, meet Samriddhi Srivastava, one of our treasured User Experience Designers working on the Klynk App!

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2 years already! How does it feel?

It's an incredible journey of growth and self-discovery. I’m part of a team that encourages creative thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. I get to constantly delve deep into the science of user experience; understanding how users think, and coming up with creative solutions to their day-to-day problems. In short, I couldn’t be more excited.

What's your background and current role at Futuristic Labs?

I spent my college years figuring out the impact I can create with my skills. Though coming from an engineering background, my passion was design. Before I joined Futuristic Labs, during my second year of undergrad, I worked with a 5-member team to build a startup. My tasks consisted of website and app designing, posters, letterhead, and logo designing. This exposure helped me a lot in getting a three-month internship at Futuristic Labs. It was later converted to a full-time role and gave me a valuable headstart in my design career.

What project have you been working on recently?

In my first year, I was working on the backend of a Recipe Creation Tool - a platform for the internal team to onboard the best recipes on Riku and Semi. Today, it has been converted into a full-fledged product – Klynk Recipes. Food enthusiasts and food content creators from around the world can onboard their recipes on our platform - which will be available on our flagship products: Semi, Riku, and Klynk App. Currently, I’m working on improving the current version of the Klynk App and adding new features ranging from pure software to hardware integrations.

Proudest moment so far?

Seeing our products finally coming to the market and directly seeing the impact they can create - for me - proud is an understatement. In the last two years, I have seen every team doubling in size. It is amazing to see people from all walks of life coming together to solve problems and take on challenges head-on.

What's your typical workday?

I’m responsible for the UX design at Futuristic Labs. I feel great about working on products that I can highly relate to as a consumer. At the start of the sprint, I have lots and lots of conversations about requirements with all the stakeholders to get everyone aligned on the same page. In the research phase, I adopt divergent thinking, where I don’t limit myself to ideating. When collaborating with developers, a more convergent approach has to be taken. Feasibility and availability of resources come into the picture. Along with the ideal case scenarios, designers and developers have to consider edge cases. The back and forth can be tiring, but if you’re aligned with your team, it is a fruitful journey. Apart from this, I keep a monthly task journal. Seeing it keeps me on track if I ever feel lost.

What excites you about working with your team?

Uniqueness in my designs is important to me, and I feel blessed that my team is full of people who go above and beyond to ensure that every day is an adventure. They share their perspectives with an open mind and want you to improve. In the beginning, I used to be too rigid with my approach to work, and anything other than work would seem to me like a waste of time. But knowing my team in its entirety, I got to see a holistic improvement in my personality.

What's one thing you wish you had known before you started working here?

That the culture of ownership is extremely high at Futuristic Labs. The degree of freedom and trust given to employees is high. I can explore unique design solutions and experiment with innovative ideas. Having this degree of freedom is both liberating and challenging. It boosts my confidence to continuously improve. At the same time, it also requires self-discipline and accountability. I get to have full control over my work - which I have truly appreciated at Futuristic Labs.

What can we improve?

As a dynamic workplace, we always have room for improvement. For example, my team can have a dedicated UI/UX Team Lead. On my work anniversary celebration, I got appreciated for the qualities I never credited myself for. We can have more such regular appreciation sessions. There is some ambiguity in our sprint planning as well. Each teammate has to be shown the big picture so that we don’t feel like doing tasks randomly. Our members need a bird’s-eye view. I wish we get to a stage where we have more office locations, and offer more perks like a gym membership, in-office daily lunches, etc.

What's your most ambitious goal for Futuristic Labs?

I want to see Futuristic Labs as a one-stop place to solve the biggest challenges in our society. The kind of products the team is building with a grand vision concretes my belief in the team. No organization is an island. As we grow more, I wish to see other industries and businesses collaborating with us more frequently and seamlessly. It’s going to be impactful when we all come together.

What’s the best advice you received from your colleague?

“More iterations lead to better designs.” This advice came from a senior designer, whom I saw growing at Futuristic Labs. It actually annoyed me at first - doing one thing again and again - but now I can see how much this one piece of advice has improved my confidence in my designs, and creativity. I am much more equipped to guide new team members who are sailing the same boats as I was when a few years ago.

What’s a project or activity outside of work that you’re passionate about?

Since my school days, I have enjoyed dancing. Coming to Hyderabad, I continued my hobby by joining a dance class. It allows me to express myself in more fulfilling ways. I’ve found life-long amigos in my colleagues, who take me to swimming lessons (a skill I always wanted to acquire), movies, gym, and then to elaborate lunches. Analyzing thriller movie plots has been a great source of entertainment lately.

What’s your favorite recipe on Klynk App?

That’s a tough one. I have three:

1) Dahi Chicken: Cooked my first ever non-veg dish using Klynk App’s guided mode. You can get the recipe in the app.

2) Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda: Being from north India and living in south India, I miss my mom’s recipes a lot. I onboarded this recipe on the app, and my team cooked it on Riku. The result was happiness, pride, and nostalgia.

3) Cauliflower Soup: A great new cuisine experience.


We are working on great products with great teams. #BuildWithUs

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