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Founder's Note

As a student, for me, cooking every day and having the same dishes was a burden. I enjoyed cooking, but it wasn’t an activity that I wanted to do daily. I started to contemplate the time and effort invested by each of us, day after day, and yet, most of us, end up trying only a handful of recipes in our lifetimes. 


Cooking is a time-consuming, continual interruption. A field that craves innovation. We haven't escaped it yet, and in doing so, we are losing a track of pursuits that really matter to us, still carrying on with the unavoidable chores, having the same dishes every day, and still stuck in the backspin of ‘if only, we had more time.’ 


The future won’t begin if we continued investing our infinite potential in activities that can be automated.


Looking for existing technologies to solve cooking, it frustrated me that none of them solved the fundamental challenges of cooking. Automation was making huge changes everywhere in our homes, except our kitchens. My question was simple,


“Why is anyone not building the future for our kitchens?”


What started as an individual project, took the shape of a company, Futuristic Labs, where, at present, we are solving cooking with our brand, Klynk. From discovery to the personalization of your meals, we are connecting the dots in the kitchen, and eventually, transforming your entire cooking journey - an obligation you can escape, and experience the joy of eating dishes from all around the world. 


But building strong ecosystems without an instruction manual and taking prototyping to mass production is challenging. As we started building our dreams, we realized that robust processes with a strong multidisciplinary team, and a culture that questions and innovates, are the recipe for building not one dream, but any dream. 


With collaboration and relentless innovation, we want to become an entity that dreams, builds, and repeats, by creating a place that empowers people to dream big, build solutions that solve everyday problems, and define efficient processes to have a leveraged impact on the world.


We invite you to be part of a future where impossible loses its meaning.

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